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  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy

Mindfulness body scanning and relaxation workshop


Mindfulness and body scanning relaxation workshop

In our next one-day mindfulness workshop we explore one of the core aspects of mindfulness, namely body scanning relaxation techniques.

Over six hours we will explore powerful techniques to help you focus, learn from the messages your body is sending and gently let go of stored tension. 

The course goes from 11am to 5pm at the Live and Breathe Yoga studio, 80 Denham Street in Townsville on Saturday 30th June . The course costs $150 per person  and includes a body scanning information pack. To reserve your place click on the cart at the bottom of the page

We limit our courses to 12 people.

How does body scanning fit in with other mindfulness techniques?

Thw main pillars of mindfulness include:

  • Learning to focus;
  • Learning to relax;
  • Developing self-love and compassion;
  • Developing goodness in your interactions;
  • Body scanning

Each of these elements is important in enabling us to thrive using mindfulness. 

Why is body scanning so important?

As we learn to focus our attention on how we move, breathe, sit and generally hold ourselves, we become more aware of our built up patterns of physical tension.  These patterns influence the way we feel, think and behave.  They often impact us at a level just beneath the level of awareness. They influence our resilience, our emotional intelligence, our relationships, our performance at work and our general happiness levels.

With practice we can learn to tune into our own physical and emotional signals in a self-compassionate manner.  Developing this skill enables us to observe, learn from and let go of stored tension, enabling us to develop heightened emotional intelligence and a toolkit of resilience skills.

In our six-hour session we focus on practical techniques backed up by neuroscience.

There is strong research to suggest that the better we are at tuning into our own emotional and physical signals the more we are able to connect to others. Feeling inside of ourselves enables us reach out and connect positively with the world around us.

Who is this for?

Anybody who wants to learn practical evidenced based mindfulness techniques, which can be embedded at work, home and the space in between.

People working with heightened workloads, who are constantly dealing with challenging situations and the complexity of human relationships, will find this workshop of particular benefit.  Embedding mindfulness into the workplace is a key element of this course.

Booking your session

Simply click on the link to register.  You can either pay with a credit or debit card or if you wish use paypal transfer.  If you have any problems registering please call Andy Roberts on 0467225241