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Emotional Intelligence Measurement and Coaching - EQ test and coaching sessions


The ability to recognise, understand, use and manage our own emotions, and those of the people around us, is an essential skill.  Alongside our intelligence, social skills, personality and professional training, emotional intelligence is a vital part of our decision making process.

 How emotionally intelligent are you?

The research suggests that it's often difficult to evaluate your own level of emotional intelligence.  For example, we all assume that we are better than average drivers but statistically that simply cannot be the case.  And so it is with emotional intelligence.  

 The good news is that we can measure emotional intelligence with an online psychometric test.  It takes about 30 to 45 minutes and gives you invaluable feedback on your ability to recognise, use, understand and manage emotions.  And the even better news is that once you have this information you can learn techniques to improve your ability in each area.  

 Emotional intelligence is not the same as a personality trait.  Over time it can be improved and developed. Take the The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and we will have your tailored report within 24 hours

How to book

Simply purchase your test online and we will provide you with the online psychometric test details.  Once you have done the test we will review your results and provide a 60-minute coaching feedback session and emotional intelligence development plan either at your office, by skype or at one of our partner training centres in Australia

 We will then follow up with a second sixty-minute session a few weeks later to discuss your experience in implementing the changes discussed at our first session.

 Receive the MSCEIT emotional intelligence report and two hours of coaching for $605

 To book go to www.breathe-australia.com/sessions or call Andy Roberts on 0467 225 241 

Your coach

Andy Roberts set up Breathe in 2004. The Breathe base is in London but he now lives in Townsville and runs coaching sessions around Australia. He started his career as an economist and chartered accountant.  Up until 2003 he worked in Corporate Finance for KPMG.  After that he studied Yoga in India and also studied Buddhist Vipassana Meditation techniques in Canada and the UK.

In 2007 he was among the first group to attain a Masters degree in Positive Psychology outside of the US. He is an accredited Emotional Intelligence coach (The MSCEIT model) and has taught thousands of classes, one to one sessions and workshops in the UK.

Breathe's clients include The House of Commons, Amerada Hess and KPMG in the UK.  He is also Chairman of two youth development charities, Yourstory and the Hampton Project.

In Australia he is working with PwC running a 10 month employee engagement program.  He also works with Ozcare teaching Mindfulness to staff and clients and with Carers Queensland.  He has also worked with Wilmar introducing Mindfulness to their senior team, the Coffee Club franchise, SNAP Fitness, Can Teen and the Cathedral School Townsville.

In the UK he remains Chairman of Youth Development charity Yourstory and is CEO of WHR Consulting Ltd in London.