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  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy

8 week mindfulness Townsville


8-week mindfulness course in Townsville

The full course costs $550 which includes a mindfulness pack, weekly email information updates and 16 hours of group training . The first session is Thursday 3rd May at Hands in Harmony Wellbeing Centre and runs 6 to 8pm for 8 weeks 

TO BOOK CLICK ON THE CART at the bottom of the page.  The course is limited to 12 people - Note new start date 3rd May

Course details

No previous experience of mindfulness is needed.  We provide a nurturing environment where we can explore the depth and complexity of mindfulness.

When and where - 6pm to 8pm from the 26th April. Hands in Harmony, 291 Flinders Street, QLD 4810

During the course we introduce our 6-step mindfulness plan called PEARLS.  We provide practical tools to enable participants the freedom to observe their thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in the internal dramas they produce.  

The course involves active participation in mindfulness exercises and discussions. Each participant receives a mindfulness exercise pack. If you can't make the 8 week course we have a one day meditation and mindfulness course on the 7th April 

PEARLS 6 step mindfulness course

During our 8 week course we explore:

P - Patterns of thinking - we explore our auto pilot thinking patterns and learn techniques to observe these in a non judgmental, curious and compassionate way

E - Exploring the mind and body connection - here we introduce the science behind body scanning techniques and learn how to observe the connection between the mind and the body in a safe and nurturing way

A - Attention - in this section we learn techniques to focus our attention, calm busy minds and learn to live more in balance and harmony

R - Relaxation - The definition of mindfulness is to observe whatever arises in a non-judgmental way.  However when we are feeling stressed and anxious, with an abundance of fight/flight chemicals in our system, we may be hard wired to observe our environment and ourselves in a negative way. In this section we focus upon deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques to help prepare the conditions for mindfulness to flourish.  This is actually stage one of our course and forms the bedrock of all the other stages

L - Love - Developing mindfulness without love and compassion for ourselves and the world around us, has been described as bare attention.  In this section we introduce techniques from the field of positive psychology to enable us to thrive

S - Safety - Mindfulness needs to be introduced mindfully!  As we explore our own minds and the minds of the people around us we need to build a safe nurturing space for that observation to flourish.  In this section we introduce techniques to help us develop the right attitude to mindfulness. Namely we need to be Curious, Open, Accepting, Compassionate and Humble in our journey (COACH)

No prior experience is required. We provide mats and meditation aids however you may wish to bring a hard cushion to sit on and a yoga mat or a beach towel .

About Andy Roberts

Andy lectures in mindfulness to medical students at James Cook University.  In 2005 he took a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London and his dissertation was on introducing mindfulness into organisations.  He has trained with the Sivavnanda yoga tradition and Buddhist Vippasana meditation techniques.

Since 2005 he has taught hundreds of workshops and classes and also worked with JCU, CQ University, AIMS, PwC, The House of Commons, Amerada Hess, The Australian Pork Association and Hays Recruitment introducing neuro leadership and emotional intelligence to their teams. He has also run mindfulness and EQ programs with Ozcare on their alcohol and drug program, Carers Queensland and Can Teen. In medicine he has run mindfulness courses for doctors at Mackay General Hospital, Mater Health  and teaches yoga on a post traumatic stress disorder course at Townsville private clinic

He divides his time between his business in London , Sydney and North Queensland