Our Programs

Our specialist areas

Over the past five years we have increasingly focussed on a number of key areas.  These include:

  • Mining, construction and energy
  • University education and research bodies 
  • Finance, recruitment and consulting
  • Medicine 

Training programs during Covid 19

During the Covid 19 pandemic we have radically altered our approach to training. It was apparent from the start that our clients needed wellbeing support and that the emphasis had to be on delivering in short bites. These are some examples of our recent programs:

  • AECOM  - Four week mindfulness at work program delivered using Microsoft teams. 30 minute lunch and learn sessions
  • Foxtel - Weekly mindfulness sessions to help relax, reset and energise.  These incude three 15 minute sessions covering a different aspect of mindfulness. On Mondays we practice techniques to help build micro breaks into the day. On Wednesdays we explore self-compassion and on Fridays self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Carers Queensland - Five week mindfulness program delivered using Zoom . 60 minute lunch and learn sessions for groups of carers around Queensland
  • Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (Wimarq) - Five week wellbeing program delivered using Teams for women leaders in mining and resources. Topics covered included stress management and connecting to team members when working remotely. 30 minute lunch and learn sessions
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science - Zoom positive psychology workshop on loss, loneliness and gratitude
  • Wilson Ryan Grose, PVW Partners, NQ Dry Tropics, South 32 - 20 minute wellbeing sessions. Each week we explore a different aspect of resilience training, self-compassion, strengths coaching, evidenced based wellbeing and team connection
  • Teachable learning platform - our mindfulness foundation program has now been uploaded to Teachable. This includes videos, resources, self-awareness questionnaires and practical tools to apply mindfulness techniques at home and work 


Leadership in mining, engineering and refining – Focus, safety, mental wellbeing 

South 32 at Canninton mine  - July to October 2019 - We are creating a pilot mindfulness at work program for the Cannington mine team which will be delivered onsite in North Queensland. The focus will be on safety and situational awareness 

Wilmar Sugar - Wellbeing program (March 2019) - Two day wellbeing at work event

South 32 at Cannington mine - EQ course engineering team July to October 2018 - We created and ran a three-month emotional intelligence program for the asset management team at the Cannington mine site.  This included a mixture of group workshops, one to one coaching, the creation of buddy networks, workbooks and weekly mailshots of content. Our focus was on introducing practical techniques to help the team develop their abilities in the following areas: resilience, emotional regulation, positive communication, listening skills, self-awareness and focus 

AECOM - EQ leadership coaching (Aug to Oct 2018) - We ran a program with one of the AECOM engineering team to help develop their emotional intelligence abilities. We first used an online psychometric assessment called MSCEIT to assess their ability to recognise, use, understand and manage their emotions. We then created a detailed leadership development program for the individual, based upon their assessment and then over the course of the subsequent ten weeks provided one to one coaching leadership coaching 

University, research agencies  and industry groups – Strategic planning, resilience, engagement programs and emotional intelligence 

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) (June to September 2019) - We have been commissioned to create a four-module mindfulness at work program. This will include a mixture of instruction videos, audio files, Q and A videos with the leadership group, self-awareness raising questionnaires, links to resources plus detailed practical guides for embedding mindfulness into the workplace at AIMS

The Sydney Fish Market team wellbeing at work program (January to September 2019) - Our seven-month wellbeing at work program includes monthly workshops, weekly mailshots, covering a different topic of mental and physical wellbeing at work, plus a workbook of practical advice.  The topics we cover include stress management, attention training, resilience, emotional intelligence development, identifying and celebrating personal and group strengths, listening skills and positive communication. 

The Australian Institute of Marine Science - the mindful leader program (April 2019) - Our mindful leader program was run over three weeks and included two half day workshops.  In the first workshop we asked the participants to self-rate their ability in the areas of focus and stress management. We then introduced mindfulness, discussed the neuroscience underpinning the area and provided a program for developing focus and stress management skills.  In the second workshop we asked the group to reflect on the preceding three weeks. We then turned our attention to observing habitual patterns of thinking, behaving and feeling.  We asked them to reflect on common heuristic and cognitive biases and provided the group with tools to help observe, learn from, manage and grow from these observations.

Australian Institute of Marine Science - mindfulness program (October 2018) 

James Cook University -  general staff mindfulness at work course (August – September 2018) - We created and ran a four-week lunchtime learning program for seventy staff at James Cook University in Townsville. Each week we focussed upon providing practical, evidence-based tools to help the team embed mindfulness techniques at home, work and in the space in between. The four weeks included: stress management tools, developing greater focus, body scanning techniques to help observe and let go of stored tension and lastly tools for developing compassion for others

James Cook University - College of Business, Law and Governance department of law strategic planning program (June 2018) - The Department of Law asked us to facilitate on their two-day annual strategic planning retreat. Regional law departments at universities have a number of competitive advantages however they are also faced with a number of major challenges. These include; the threat from online education, the changing shape of law (automation and AI), the desire of many students to study in large cities.  We used a strengths-based approach to first consider the competitive advantages of individuals and the group, the niche competitive advantage James Cook University has in a number of areas and how best to align individual, department and university strengths and values. From this we were able to create a departmental vision statement and action plan.

Australian Institute of Marine Science -  EQ individual leadership coaching program (March 2018) 

James Cook University -  College managers leadership program (March – May 2018) - We created a leadership development program for the college managers at James Cook University. The main aspect of our program focussed upon developing wisdom and self-awareness in the workplace. We asked the participants to use a wisdom development tool developed by the University of Waterloo in Canada. The qualities of wisdom in the workplace we focussed upon included; listening skills, humility, positive communication, positive detachment, championing individual and group strengths, authenticity, kindness and self-compassion.  The program included two group workshops, a leadership development workbook plus one to one coaching

James Cook University  - College of Business, Law and Governance (December 2017) - We were asked to work with the administration team of the College of Business, Law and Governance at James Cook University on their two-day strategic planning day. The university sector is undergoing significant cost and logistical pressures at the moment.  Administration teams are under particular pressure to perform in an environment of tight budgets, rapidly changing teaching environments and uncertainty around future revenue streams. We created a two-day strengths based workshop to help the team develop in the following areas; handling change and uncertainty, developing emotional agility and creativity, building resilience and focussing attention on areas of potential growth and value.

CQU - resilience (December 2017) 

CQU  - leadership and creativity (November 2017) 

Australian Institute of Marine Science - mindfulness program (October 2017)  

The Australian Pork Association -  marketing team (February 2017) Emotional intelligence workshop focussing upon the development of abilities in the areas of emotional regulation, effective communication and listening skills 

The Australian Pork Association  - exec team EQ program (November and December 2017) - We were asked to work with the executive team at the Australian Pork Association to create and deliver an emotional intelligence leadership development program.  We used the online psychometric emotional intelligence test called MSCEIT to profile each team member. The MSCEIT test provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s ability to recognise, use, understand and manage their own emotions and other people’s. We then tailored individual leadership development programs for each participant to help develop their abilities in each of the four key areas. This program was supported by one to one coaching. At the end of the program we facilitated a group workshop in which we asked each team member to present back to the group on how they had applied the various emotional intelligence frameworks and techniques in order to add value at work. This shared learning experience is a core aspect of our programs. 

Australian Institute of Marine Science -  women at AIMS EQ program  (Feb to June 2016)  We were asked by the “Women leaders at AIMS” group to create a practical leadership capability development program. Over the course of two months twenty leaders participated in one to one coaching  and a group workshop. We used the online psychometric emotional intelligence test called MSCEIT to profile each team member. The MSCEIT test provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s ability to recognise, use, understand and manage their own emotions and other people’s. We then tailored individual leadership development programs for each participant to help develop their abilities in each of the four key areas. In our final group workshop we asked the participants to feedback to the group on which of the frameworks and techniques they were able to embed at work in order to add value. This initial program with AIMS was the beginning of a three-year ongoing association which is culminating with the development of an online mindfulness program for their teams in Darwin, Perth and Townsville

Finance, recruitment  and consulting – emotional intelligence, resilience, engagement, change programs 

HAYS Recruitment North Queensland Townsville and Mackay offices resilience and EQ program (March to June 2018) 

PVW Partners   - Resilience and positive psychology workshop  (June 2018) 

HAYS Recruitment  - North Queensland leadership group resilience and EQ program (June to September 2017)

PVW Partners -  strategic transition work (February to June 2017) 

Bank of Queensland  - EQ one to program (March to June 2017) 

PwC  - employee engagement program in Townsville (January to December 2016) 


Medicine programs - Emotional intelligence, resilience and self-care

Mater Health  - Townsville emotional intelligence and leadership program (March 2019)

Queensland Health  - Townsville general hospital emergency department 6-week mindfulness program (September to November 2018) 

James Cook University self-care in medicine program for year one medicine, dentistry and pharmacy students – 8 session program (Started 2017 – ongoing program).  Program now being redeveloped and rolled out to years 2 to 6 in medicine in an online format focussing on resilience and preparation for work)

Queensland Health Mackay general hospital -  weekend mindfulness program (November 2017) 

Townsville Private clinic -  three session mindfulness workshops as part of army PTSD course (2017 and 2018) 

Mater Health  - Townsville self care in medicine 4 week program for interns (June 2017) 

Ozcare - Townsville mindfulness program