Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness and leadership development at work

Before developing any mindfulness and leadership development program we find out about the culture and practices of the organisation.  Mindfulness should not be imposed as a stress management package for the team.  To add value we need to understand the values and goals of the organisation and understand the degree to which they align individual values and goals.  With this knowledge we are well placed to work with you to create a program that fits in with your culture and provides practical tools to enhance collaboration, creativity and help manage stress levels.

Online mindfulness program for you and your team at work

Our program includes short video presentations, links to mindfulness resources, self-awareness reflection journaling, practical techniques and audio guided meditations

The emphasis of the program is on practical evidenced based techniques which you can apply at home and work. Each module follows a similar format:

  • Techniques section – videos and audio guided meditations
  • Self-reflection space – an assessment of your current abilities
  • Neuro coaching – in this section we explore how the techniques help us re wire the brain for compassion, calmness and focus
  • Applications – practical tips for how to apply the techniques

Find out more about our program for you and your team

About our mindfulness at work programs

Over the last six months we have run mindfulness at work webinar sessions for Australian Institute of Marine Science, South 32, AECOM, Carers Queensland. Contact us today to find out more

  • Understand what mindfulness means and how it can be best deployed at work
  • Learn techniques to help handle stress and leave work at work
  • Learn an empowering Breathe Australia mindfulness model which helps the team focus on the things at work which add value
  • Learn techniques to help de clutter and add clarity at work
  • Help foster clear communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Develop and understand boundaries and understand how to create a positive mindset in relation to areas of control and influence

For the leadership group in your organisation we also explore the Breathe Mindful leaders model :

Overcoming distraction at work – exploring the Breathe Australia mindfulness model

In a complex world, full of distraction, what should we focus upon at work?

  • Looking for new markets, products and opportunities?
  • Extracting value from existing products and services?  
  • The political and regulatory landscape around us?
  • The emotional signals coming from our colleagues, customers and suppliers?
  • Our own energy levels?
  • Our impact on the world around us?  

Of course the answer is all of these things.  The great challenge is to shift attention seamlessly between each and to give each area sufficient attention.  The neural circuitry required to perform each of these vital operations is different depending upon the task and occasionally it is conflicting.  Mindfulness training helps us become more aware of the challenges we face in a complex world and provides powerful tools which bring help us remove clutter and develop calm focus.  

The benefits of mindfulness at work

Mindfulness training programs lead to improvements in all of the following areas: creativity - sharing of information between colleagues - improved communication -  lower absenteeism - reduced staff turnover - increased productivity

A regular mindfulness practice creates the basis for good physiological and psychological wellbeing for the individual and fosters engagement, productivity and communication in the workplace.

Mindfulness is a great way to sustain and develop mental fitness.  Regular practitioners of Mindfulness enjoy improved levels of:tenacity - acceptance - openness to new ideas - interpersonal trust - emotional and cognitive regulation - greater focus - improved recall  - reduced stress

What our clients say

The Mindful Leader Programme

"The insightful calm and human approach offered by Andy took me through a programme that has helped me embed techniques to enable me to be a much more mindful leader. The sessions always felt bespoke and Andy guided me through a programme that always felt practical and relevant – not just to me as a leader, but more importantly, to me as a human. Andy’s integrity, wit and warmth was the perfect balance to a programme that was evidence based, clear and engaging. He balanced theory and practice and flexed his programme to ensure that I could be comfortable and stretched in equal measures. A perfect programme, delivered with humanity, honesty and fun. It seriously shifted me on in my own personal and professional development." Richard Mckenna, Managing Director Inclusive Employers Group UK

Mindfulness workshops and courses at the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences
"Andy delivered lunchtime mindfulness sessions in conjunction with our 2017 and 2018 mental health week activities.  Andy’s sessions are engaging, evidenced based and provide workers with easy to implement strategies to assist with personal and work demands and helping us to slow down, be present and coping with change.  Each session has been really well received by our people and we will continue to include Andy’s mindfulness sessions regularly at AIMS." Tanya Hoey Health Safety and Environment officer at the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences