Emotional intelligence, engagement and resilience


Fin out more about our wellbeing program delivered by Teams or Zoom. 20 minute wellbeing and team connection sessions:

  1. Handling stress and anxiety - practical breathing exercises at home, work and the space in between
  2. Mindfulness at work; creating micro breaks in the day in order to maintain energy, develop presence, improve communication and prioritise personal focus time
  3. Developing greater focus and presence - techniques to help build attention and improve communication
  4. Dialling down the worry circuit - simple ideas to cut down on distraction, reduce rumination and maintain calm awareness 
  5. Handling negative self-talk and developing greater awareness of our mind wandering
  6. Emotions awareness - body scanning techniques to help observe, understand and let go of stored tension
  7. Building resilience - developing emotional agility in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity 
  8. Understanding emotional contagion at work - developing empathy, connecting to others and building resilience 
  9. Connecting remotely - using strengths to maintain and develop connections with colleagues
  10. Having connected conversations - mindfulness techniques to help us give and receive feedback

We are running this program with the Women in Mining and Resources Queensland group, Carers Queensland, South 32, NQ Dry Tropics, The Australian Instiutute of Marine Science, PVW Partners  and Wilson Ryan Grose. To find out about how your team can get involved contact us today 

Our next emotional intelligence webinar is with The Positivity Institute at 12.30 Wednesday 27th May  - Book your place today 

Our approach

At Breathe Australia we work with organisations and leaders to help develop their engagement, resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  Our programs include one to one emotional intelligence assessments and coaching, short lunchtime learning sessions through to year long employee engagement programs.We create tailored, flexible programs to help you and your team develop in the following areas: 

Mindfulness at work program - This program focuses on building greater situational awareness in the workplace. The emphasis is on presence, safety, positive communication, mental resilience and physical wellbeing 

Building a strengths-based culture at work In this program we explore how tocreate a strengths-based culture at work.  This means applying practical tools to help people identify, use and celebrate their own and each other’s strengths at work. It also helps teams better align individual strengths and values with organisational strengths, values and goals

Wellbeing programs- These programs provide evidenced based tools and ideas to help your team maintain and develop great physical and mental wellbeing. Sessions include; sleep, nutrition, exercise, attention training, stress management and mindfulness at work

Emotional intelligence at work - This program includes practical techniques and frameworks to help people develop their emotional intelligence abilities. The emphasis is upon personal and team development in the following areas; improving self-awareness, tuning into others better, improving ability to understand and regulate emotions, developing resilience, improving communication and accuracy and developing management and leadership capabilities 

Our courses include a mixture of face to face workshops, one to one coaching, workbooks, weekly mail updates, videos, links and other resources. We can also provide content which can be uploaded onto your organisations learning platforms. 

In each of our courses we ask participants to engage in the program through the creation of buddy networks and we ask them to feedback to the rest of the group as to how they applied the techniques at work and how this application added value.